Qnap [YaCy ] [ 1.90 ] Search Engine application


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2 Janvier 2014
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Source : http://yacy.net

Download :

x86 Version : http://www.qoolbox.fr/YaCy_1.90_x86.qpkg.zip
x64Version : http://www.qoolbox.fr/YaCy_1.90_x86_64.qpkg.zip

Dependency :


Note :

Listen on Port 8090

About :

YaCy is a search engine software. It takes a new approach to search because it does not use a central server. Instead, its search results come from a network of independent peers. In such a distributed network, no single entity decides what gets listed, or in which order results appear.

The YaCy search engine runs on each user's own computer. Search terms are hashed before they leave the user's computer. Different from conventional search engines, YaCy is designed to protect the users' privacy. A user's computer can create with YaCy its individual search indexes and rankings, so that results better match what the user is looking for over time. YaCy also makes it easy to create a customized search portal with a few clicks.

Each YaCy user is either part of a large search network (YaCy contains a peer-to-peer network protocol to exchange search indexes with other YaCy search engine installations) or the user runs YaCy to produce a personal search portal that can be either public or private.

YaCy search portals can also be placed in intranet environment which makes YaCy a replacement for commercial enterprise search solutions. A network scanner makes it easy to discover all available http, ftp and smb servers.

To create a web index, YaCy has a web crawler for everybody, without censorship and central data retention: - search the web (automatically using all other YaCy peers) - co-operative crawling; support for other crawlers - intranet indexing and search - set up your own search portal - all users have equal rights - comprehensive concept to anonymise the users' index

To be able to perform a search using the YaCy network, every user has to set up their own node. More users are leading to higher index capacity and better distributed indexing performance.