Qnap [ Traccar ] [ 5.4.0. ] GPS tracking system OpenSource


More features migrated to the modern web app:

All reports, including export support
Drivers management
Computed attributes
User registration from login screen
Notable changes on the back-end side:

Enabled support for HTTP SMS API for commands
Better logging for forwarding
We are also in the process of migrating configuration parameters to a new system where we will potentially be able to generate documentation for all available configuration parameters. We had issues with undocumented configuration parameters for a long time and we are trying to fix it. As we are going through this process, we decided to simplify and remove some old code, including some features that you might be using, so please check before upgrading.

Removed CSV and GPX export - part of the code was not used much and was poorly maintained, so we decided to remove for now until we implement a better version of export
Removed XML attributes support - functionality hasn't been used by official Traccar version for a very very long time and removing it unlocks some code improvements
Removed JNDI support - same reason as above
Removed some legacy confuguration parameters - we removed quite a few configuration parameters that are deprecated or not recommended
Removed SMPP support - the library that we were using for SMPP support hasn't been maintained for a long time, so this is out of our control, but you can use HTTP API instead that most SMS services provide
If we removed a feature that you really need and rely on, please let us know on the forum or GitHub.

New device protocols:

MOBILOGIX (MBX) - hardware and software for IoT
SWIFTECH - a company form Chennai, India
FM IOTM - new MQTT based protocol from Xirgo Global
Dolphin - fleet management provider
Ennfu Scientific - custom hardware from Jiangsu, China
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