Synology Synology DSM 5.0-4458 update 1 est disponible

FX Cachem

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8 Décembre 2013
13 519
Synology a mise à jour DSM 5.0, cette nouvelle version porte le code 4458 update 1.


La mise à jour se fait depuis l'écran Mise à jour et Restauration

Voici le contenu du Changelog :
  • Fixed a security issue to prevent cross-site scripting attacks (XSS).
  • Fixed an issue where encrypted shares could not be mounted on ext3 volumes.
  • Fixed an issue where WMM QoS settings did not take effect normally.
  • Fixed an issue where some USB ports were unusable in certain situations when a USB hub was connected.
  • Fixed several issues related to USB external drives.
  • Enhanced the stability of file transfers.
  • Enhanced the compatibility of Multiple Version Backup when source folder contains device nodes.
  • Enhanced the compatibility of WebDAV when using NetDrive.
  • Changed the error reporting settings of Web Station.