Qnap QTS Build 20211020



Important Notes​



  • Storage & Snapshots now displays NAS model pictures in a new style.
  • Users can now enable guaranteed snapshot space during storage pool creation and set a snapshot schedule during volume creation.

Fixed Issues​

  • SNMP receivers cannot receive SNMP traps sent from ARM-based NAS models.
  • When a non-administrator user took a snapshot, System Event Log would still display "admin" as the user who performed this action.
  • Users could not upgrade SSD cache when updating QTS from 4.5.4 to 5.0.0.
  • Administrators could not edit domain user settings.
  • Users could not manually configure the speeds of smart fans.

Known Issues​

  • Twonky Server cannot function normally on the TS-h973AX running QTS
  • Some applications cannot access the NAS when secure connection and TLS 1.3 are enabled. This is due to a known issue in the applications. We will fix this issue in upcoming app releases.
  • macOS Finder takes a long time to display content in SMB shared folders when users connect the Mac to the NAS via Thunderbolt. This problem may be due to Mac device driver issues. It only occurs to Mac devices with Intel processors and macOS 11.3 (or later versions).
  • Thunderbolt write speeds are lower than expected in QTS 5.0.0.
  • QTS and QuTS hero with newer kernel versions do not support ATTO Fibre Channel adapters. If you have already installed an ATTO Fibre Channel adapter on your device, we do not recommend updating the firmware to QTS 5.0.0 or QuTS hero h5.0.0 for the time being.
  • QTS 5.0.0 temporarily does not support certain third-party applications, utilities, or services.
  • QRM+ temporarily does not support the TS-x32, TS-x32U and TS-x35A models running QTS 5.0.0. We will add support for these models in upcoming releases.
  • Users cannot update the firmware of the QXG-10G2T-NXE network expansion card after updating QTS to 5.0.0.
  • Control Panel cannot display the information of the TPU installed in the M.2 slot on the QGD-1602P.
  • The TS-453B cannot play sound when users connect the NAS to a monitor via HDMI port 2 and test audio output in HD Station.
  • QTS 5.0.0 does not support x63U models. We will add support for these models in upcoming releases.
  • Network & Virtual Switch displays unexpected interface connection status and FEC status when users connect the following pairs of devices:
    • NAS with Mellanox network adapter + NAS with Mellanox network adapter
    • NAS with Intel E810 network adapter + NAS with Mellanox network adapter
    • NAS with Intel E810 network adapter + Mellanox switch
    • NAS with Mellanox network adapter + QSW-M5216 switch
    • NAS with Intel 810 network adapter + QSW-M5216 switch

Other Changes​

SSD Profiling Tool​

  • QTS no longer pre-installs SSD Profiling Tool by default. Users can install this tool in the App Center.

Control Panel​

  • Replaced SQL Server with MariaDB 5/MariaDB 10, which can be installed in the App Center.
  • Removed iSCSI Service from Service Binding in Control Panel. Users can now configure iSCSI service binding settings in iSCSI & Fibre Channel.


  • Qboost is no longer a built-in application of QTS. Users can choose to install Qboost in App Center.

App Center​

  • To ensure system security, QTS now automatically disables applications that are not updated and that do not meet the minimum version requirements.
  • Removed support for the following applications, utilities, or services:
    • WebERP
    • GLPI
    • Vtiger CRM
    • Ragic Cloud DB

QVR Pro Client & QVR Smart Client​

  • Starting from QTS 5.0.0, HybridDesk Station no longer supports QVR Pro Client (HDMI output). You can install QVR Smart Client on HybridDesk Station as the client software for your QVR Pro, QVR Elite, or QVP surveillance servers. Note that QVR AI Pack License is required for using QVR Smart Client. You can continue using QVR Pro Client on Windows or macOS as the client software for your surveillance servers to watch live views or play back recordings.

NVR Storage Expansion​

  • Starting from QTS 5.0.0, NVR Storage Expansion is no longer supported.


Grand Maître Jedi
Grosse surprise ce matin : je me connecte sur mon Nas TS 453 D et il est passé automatiquement à cette version QTS
Je n'ai rien eu à faire :( J'étais sur la version 4 . Bon je vais faie un tours d'inspection et je reviens .......(faire des commentaires)


J'ai fait l'update sur mon TS453A, le NAS est resté toute la nuit en Please Wait Rebooting, je l'ai éteins de manière forcé ce matin puis redémarré mais il reste toujours inacessible.

Avez-vous recontré ce problème lors du passage en QTS5.0 ? Est il possible que la maj proposée lors de la connexion à mon nas soit incompatible avec celui-ci ?


Grand Maître Jedi
LES TS251 sont aussi passé a cette version
Je pense que ce sera la version diffuser massivement .......
Si j'ai eu la mise à jour automatique ce matin , c'est que la mise à jour automatique est activé à 4H du matin dans mon panneau de configuration
J'ai fait un rapide tour dans la config rien de bizarre , mais certaines applis doivent-être mises à jour via le App Center
J'ai visiblement un pb avec les applis mobile en 4G ( Androïde ) impossible de me connecter au Nas avec Qfile ou Qmanager :mad:
Pas de pb en Wi-Fi , ni en partage de connexion en 4G avec un PC ( avec un navigateur )
Pas de pb pour me connecter en 4G avec l'application Unifi à mon contrôleur hébergé sur le Nas .
Bon il va falloir que je me retrousse les manches :cautious:
Sinon j'ai remarquer dans cette version 5 que les icones de l'interface avait bien grossi, je n'ai pas trouver moyen de les rétrécir autre que le zoom du navigateur :oops:


Grand Maître Jedi
Mon pb de connexion avec les applis mobile en 4G est résolu : il fallait réinialiser myqnapcloud .:sneaky:
Bon il me faudra encore qq jours pour faire un point complet
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