Qnap QTS 4.1.4


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2 Janvier 2014
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QTS4.1.4 Build 0522


- Updated the glibc x86_64 version from 2.11.1 to 2.19 and fixed the GHOST vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235.)

(Note: Due to changes in the x86_64 library, some apps (including Virtualization Station, aMule, DVBLink TV Server) may fail to start after patch application. If this is the case, please update the affected apps to their latest version in QNAP App Center.)   
- All users can now upload to shared folders (right click on a folder in File Station > Share > Via Email > Allow file upload to this folder.)

[Bug fixes]

- Upgrading to firmware 4.1.3 increased fan speeds and fan noise (for TS-x79U-RP, TS-EC880U/1280U/1680U and SS-ECx79U-SAS-RP.)  
- The system fails to display the desktop correctly after logging into QTS using Internet Explorer (on Windows 32-bit) and 360 Browser. 
- SNMP Server cannot be enabled after establishing a PPTP VPN connection between the NAS and a PC. 
- Port trunking settings are not retained after system migration.
- The system fails to copy files to the NAS from external devices using the HFS+ file system in File Station.
- The system fails to restrict playback to tagged photos in slideshow mode in Photo Station after filtering conditions are set. 
- The system fails to display the graphic meters for CPU and memory the first time the Dashboard is opened with Chrome.
- Users are unable to retrieve a directory listing from the FTP Server with an FTP client. 
- The system fails to back up LUNs (giving an error message: I/O error while copying the LUN data.)
- The system fails to finish a complete SMART test (for WD WD4001FYYG-01SL3.)
- The system fails to detect global spare drives after system migration. 
- TX-x31+ fails to create albums with a Chinese name in Photo Station. 
- TX-x31+ fails to create video collections with a Chinese name in Video Station. 

[Applicable Turbo NAS]
- All models