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Stephane / Qoolbox,

Please can you remove the Server IP and port assignments from your startup script if/when you do a subsequent release for SABnzbd+ please?

The reason I ask, is that defining these options there, overrides any manually defined options saved to the sabnzbd.ini (config.ini) file and prevents changes of those settings in the UI from sticking. If you want/need to define these settings for initial installation defaults, please specify them as such in a bundled config.ini file.

Any user reticent of using SSH or simply ignorant of what's going on, will be clueless as to why he's changing these settings in the SABnzbd+ GUI and they are then reset upon restart/reboot. IMHO, forcing anything via command-line that can be just as easily set via UI/config editing is less than ideal.

Thanks for the submission in any case.



Hi Gib,

Sabnzbd+ use as standard port 8080, if i remove it from startup sequence, sabnzbd will not launch and conflict with QTS
Then you need to provide a "default" config.ini with the port assigned there. As even on a fresh install, if a config.ini file exists (with port assignment defined within), it will launch using that, and specifying a manual port via the command line is then not nessecary. Sab will only start on it's default port (8080) if NO config.ini file exists, it exists, but the port is not specified, or either of these being the case AND no option having been specified via command line.

I've removed the option from your startup script, but my version starts on the port I've specified in the UI - Because it's defined in the config.ini file.
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Release Notes  -  SABnzbd 1.0.3

## Bugfixes in 1.0.3
- Fix jobs hanging at 99% or 100%
- Support X-DNZB-PASSWORD header for inders that use this
- Prevent fatal "too many connections" issue
- Show checksum errors reported by unrar
- Windows: fix coupling of NZB files to SABnzbd, when the name contains non-US-ASCII characters

## Bugfixes in 1.0.2
- Fix hangups at 100% when QuickCheck is off and "all-pars" is on
- Fix handling of "too many connections" for some Usenet servers

Upload en cours ... dispo le 08/06 à partir 19h00

Are there plans to submit this to QNAP Club's repo, as there is currently NO support for Sabnzbd+ and now QNAP have silently 'pulled' any potentially copyright-infringing apps from their app store, I think it's inclusion on the QNAP Club repo would save a lot of users a lot of forum searching in the long-run.

Thanks for the updates btw.
oui quand tu auras la 4.3.x

pour l'instant seul le gros système sont équipé des libs x64 (aprés je n'ai pas la liste)

quand le fw 4.3.0, pour les système x51,x53,x53a,x51a et j'en passe, il faudra installé les appli x64 pour que ca marche

En lancant la version x64 sur mon HS-251, j'ai eu l'erreur:
/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/QSabNZBdPlus/bin/python: error while loading shared libraries: libdl.so.2: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

En fouillant sur le forum, j'ai trouvé le topic x64libs:

Mais le lien de téléchargement ne marche plus.

Savez-ce que je peux faire (à part installer la version non x64 :D)?
What's new in 1.1.1

Bug fixes
8th parameter for user-script wasn't passed correctly.
Fix broken HTTPS port binding
Only allow binding to IPv6 when ipv6_hosting enabled
Allow also "vol01-03.par" on top of "vol01+03.par"
Glitter didn't allow removal of a set job-password
Unicode failed downloads were seen as orphaned jobs
QuickCheck would fail unicode files
Clean-up all par2 of a set
Fix retry_all API-call
Make sure we show results when less than 1 page
Fixed email notifications to smtp2go.com (and possibly others)
Replaced par2-classic with par2cmdline (will fix some verification hangups)
Fix problem with Config pages on mobile browsers
Updated INSTALL.txt
Button to regenerate a self-signed HTTPS certificate (to update to modern standards)
Restored download speed for Unix (and some other) systems
Fixed yEnc crash that occurred on some Windows systems
Small UI fixes
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