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Nos amis de expertreviews passe en revu le TS-453 Mini ( anglais)


The TS-453mini is a brilliant four-bay NAS; it's compact and barely makes a sound, yet is powerful and has one of the most comprehensive NAS operating systems we've seen. It might not be as user-friendly as Synology's DSM OS, but the integrated media player software and HDMI port on the back make it a fantastic addition to your home cinema. It's perfectly at home in an office environment too, but our big concern is the price. At roughly £470 as an empty enclosure, it could cost between £800 and £1,300 to fill the TS-453mini with four 3TB, 4TB or 6TB disks. With Synology's excellent DS415Play costing around £100 less, you would need to use the QNAP's extra features in order to justify the higher price.

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