Qnap [ Par2cmdline-mt ] [ 0.8.1 ] a Multi Thread CPU PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool.


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2 Janvier 2014
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source : https://github.com/Parchive/par2cmdline

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Note :

add par2, par2create, par2repair, par2verify command line to your NAS $PATH, when qpkg is enable

About :

What exactly is par2cmdline?

par2cmdline is a program for creating and using PAR2 files to detect damage in data files and repair them if necessary. It can be used with any kind of file.

Why is par 2.0 better than par 1.0?

It is not necessary to split a single large file into many equally size small files (although you can still do so if you wish).

There is no loss of efficiency when operating on multiple files of different sizes.

It is possible to repair damaged files (using exactly the amount of recovery data that corresponds to the amount of damage), rather than requiring the complete reconstruction of the damaged file.

Recovery files may be of different sizes making it possible to obtain exactly the amount of recovery data required to carry out a repair.

Because damaged data files are still useable during the recovery process, less recovery data is required to achieve a successful repair. It is therefore not necessary to create as much recovery data in the first place to achieve the same level of protection.

You can protect up to 32768 files rather than the 256 that PAR 1.0 is limited to.

Damaged or incomplete recovery files can also be used during the recovery process in the same way that damaged data files can.

PAR 2.0 requires less recovery data to provide the same level of protection from damage compared with PAR 1.0.
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