Synology Mise à jour DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2

FX Cachem

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8 Décembre 2013
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Petite mise à jour de Synology... voici le changelog :
Important Information
  • A thorough investigation has been done, and it is confirmed that DSM and its related packages are not impacted by the LogJam vulnerability because of the way Synology implements OpenSSL in our system.
Fixed Issues
  • Improved the stability of SHR expansion.
  • Improved the stability of SMB transfer when the system is being accessed by an excessive number of clients.
  • Fixed multiple kernel vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-3122, CVE-2014-3153, CVE-2014-0196, and CVE-2014-4699).
  • Fixed an issue where CPU usage could remain high when widget is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where LDAP users could fail to log in to DSM.
  • Fixed an issue where files could not be downloaded via Windows' terminal.
  • Fixed an issue where system cannot enter hibernation.
  • Fixed an issue where some folders with non-English names would become inaccessible via SMB.
  • Fixed an issue where volumes/iSCSI LUN cannot be displayed after the Synology High Availability system resumes from safe mode with UPS connected.