Qnap [ LEgo ] [ 4.9.0 ] Let's Encrypt client and ACME library written in Go


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2 Janvier 2014
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source : https://github.com/xenolf/lego

download : armv5,armv7,arm64,x64,x86


Note :

install lego command line in NAS $PATH as symlink


Register with CA
Obtain certificates, both from scratch or with an existing CSR
Renew certificates
Revoke certificates
Robust implementation of all ACME challenges
HTTP (http-01)
DNS (dns-01)
TLS (tls-alpn-01)
SAN certificate support
Comes with multiple optional DNS providers
Custom challenge solvers
Certificate bundling
OCSP helper function
Please keep in mind that CLI switches and APIs are still subject to change.

When using the standard --path option, all certificates and account configurations are saved to a folder .lego in the current working directory.


lego - Let's Encrypt client written in Go

lego [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

run Register an account, then create and install a certificate
revoke Revoke a certificate
renew Renew a certificate
dnshelp Shows additional help for the --dns global option
list Display certificates and accounts information.
help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command

--domains value, -d value Add a domain to the process. Can be specified multiple times.
--server value, -s value CA hostname (and optionally :port). The server certificate must be trusted in order to avoid further modifications to the client. (default: "https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory")
--accept-tos, -a By setting this flag to true you indicate that you accept the current Let's Encrypt terms of service.
--email value, -m value Email used for registration and recovery contact.
--csr value, -c value Certificate signing request filename, if an external CSR is to be used.
--eab Use External Account Binding for account registration. Requires --kid and --hmac.
--kid value Key identifier from External CA. Used for External Account Binding.
--hmac value MAC key from External CA. Should be in Base64 URL Encoding without padding format. Used for External Account Binding.
--key-type value, -k value Key type to use for private keys. Supported: rsa2048, rsa4096, rsa8192, ec256, ec384. (default: "rsa2048")
--filename value (deprecated) Filename of the generated certificate.
--path value Directory to use for storing the data. (default: "./.lego")
--http Use the HTTP challenge to solve challenges. Can be mixed with other types of challenges.
--http.port value Set the port and interface to use for HTTP based challenges to listen on.Supported: interface:port or :port. (default: ":80")
--http.webroot value Set the webroot folder to use for HTTP based challenges to write directly in a file in .well-known/acme-challenge.
--http.memcached-host value Set the memcached host(s) to use for HTTP based challenges. Challenges will be written to all specified hosts.
--tls Use the TLS challenge to solve challenges. Can be mixed with other types of challenges.
--tls.port value Set the port and interface to use for TLS based challenges to listen on. Supported: interface:port or :port. (default: ":443")
--dns value Solve a DNS challenge using the specified provider. Can be mixed with other types of challenges. Run 'lego dnshelp' for help on usage.
--dns.disable-cp By setting this flag to true, disables the need to wait the propagation of the TXT record to all authoritative name servers.
--dns.resolvers value Set the resolvers to use for performing recursive DNS queries. Supported: host:port. The default is to use the system resolvers, or Google's DNS resolvers if the system's cannot be determined.
--http-timeout value Set the HTTP timeout value to a specific value in seconds. (default: 0)
--dns-timeout value Set the DNS timeout value to a specific value in seconds. Used only when performing authoritative name servers queries. (default: 10)
--pem Generate a .pem file by concatenating the .key and .crt files together.
--cert.timeout value Set the certificate timeout value to a specific value in seconds. Only used when obtaining certificates. (default: 30)
--help, -h show help
--version, -v print the version
Dernière édition:

7c24212 Prepare release v4.4.0
190b38c chore: update linter (#1425)
f5da11c simply: fix Go doc. (#1424)
e79975c csr: support NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST as CSR type (#1423)
1af3abd Add DNS provider for Simply.com (#1419)
4421373 mythicbeasts: update API Auth endpoint in documentation (#1421)
67d3918 mythicbeasts: typo in documentation (#1420)
ed5c0a3 hurricane: add API rate limiter. (#1417)
e8750f5 Add DNS provider for Infoblox (#1413)
81bf297 doc: fix build status badge.
90ff2b3 ovh: fix example in documentation (#1410)
2532262 hurricane: only treat first word of response body as response code (#1409)
1227bb9 lightsail: improve documentation (#1407)
a73d87e hostingde: autodetection of the zone name. (#1405)
6872149 log: use stderr instead of stdout. (#1402)
c53c3d0 lib: improve wait.For returns. (#1403)
e3d7c85 hurricane: documentation typo in domain name (#1398)
c22cd40 Add DNS provider for Porkbun (#1396)
6bd3eae scaleway: use official SDK (#1393)
8bf9613 doc: clean up DNS providers.
3da04e6 Add DNS provider for Sonic (#1392)
d848cc7 exoscale: fix DNS provider debugging (#1391)
4b22b38 domeneshop: fix documentation (#1390)
e38e32b wedos: fix api call parameters (#1386)
9002e5c Add DNS provider for wedos (#1385)
7f53f88 Add DNS provider for VinylDNS (#1384)
2334340 nifcloud: Get zone info from dns01.FindZoneByFqdn (#1383)
ae7daa7 chore: update linter (#1379)
83c626d powerdns: several improvements (#1374)
ee0b4bd make: fix validate-docs (#1376)
60f7cb0 Detach v4.3.1



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Salut j'ai un message d'erreur quand j'essaye de l'installer, "cette application peut seulement être installée sur le firmware all et les versions ultérieures." J'imagine que "all" est l'erreur? C'est pour contourner la fameuse version max 5.0.0?