Qnap [ Kimios ] [ 1.2.1 ] open source Document Management System (DMS)


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2 Janvier 2014
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Source : http://www.kimios.com

Download :


dependencies : QJDK8

Note :

unzip, install in Appcenter

listen on port 9999 ( first install http://ipNAS:9999/kimios )

login : admin
password : kimios (changed on first login)


About :

Kimios aims to optimize the document production chain and to be an alternative to heavy ECM systems (Enterprise Content Management) that are often oversized.

A daily tool
Kimios is the document management system (DMS) that aims to be the easiest as well as the most powerful document production environment. Because producing and accessing documents are highly frequent tasks in modern organizations, Kimios has made easing those operations its main goal.

Because it is not only about web content
The actual production model where users are forced to use different kinds of web applications is no longer the only solution. Using Kimios allows users to access collaborative features directly from their desktop and their Microsoft Office environments.

You are the administrator
The structure of a document repository evolves constantly, it is why Kimios allows users to set thier own folder structure, metadata mapping and workflow architecture. Forget about XML configuration files and become the administrator of your repository!

Search, find
Kimios has made its indexing and search system a key feature of the document repository. Each document is indexed along with its content and its metadata and can be searched with full-text and boolean queries. Users can combine several search criteria and then make Kimios a powerful search engine.

Builing a reliable document repository can no longer be dissociated from a strong collaborative dimension. Kimios is the open source DMS that offers a unique access to collaborative features.

Version control
Version control is a basis of the Kimios core system. Each user can contribute to a same document while preserving its integrity and its reversibility. Content, metadata and comments are parts of the version control system so the full tracability of the documents' lifecycle is guaranteed.

Kimios makes workflow design easier. Users can issue workflow requests to authorized groups or users. Each step of a workflow is fully customizable and can be set to send email notifications.

It is often necessary to attach notes or comments to a document in order to provide additional information to users that would have to deal with it. Kimios offers such features. Moreover those notes and comments can be parts of the version control system.

An Oriented Service Architecture Architecture
Kimios is based on a fully Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). All applications (Web client, Kimios Explorer, Kimios for Office) are third-party clients connected to the Kimios central server that exposes a webservice layer that covers all DMS features. This architecture offers strong interoperability capabilities that can be used through different APIs available in dotNet, PHP and Java.

An open model
The Kimios server source code is entirely open source and availbale under GPL license. Any developer can access, modify or enhance document repository features. Moreover Kimios offers various interfaces that can be implemented in order to customize the user management system, the rule management system, the metadata strucure or the indexing system.
Tu peux faire un petit topo en français de cette appli ?
J'ai du mal à saisir l'utilité
J'ai réussi l'install mais après la redirection, on me demande un nom de domaine mais rien n'est sélectionnable.
BOn c'est bon et après comment on ajouter les documents du NAS dedans ?
Bonjour QoolBox (et les autres aussi),

Kimios est- il toujours fonctionnel ?
Je le vois bien ici https://www.qnapclub.eu/fr/qpkg/325 mais le AppCenter ,e me le propose pas.
Normal ?