Qnap Feature request : subliminal subtitle downloader


30 Juillet 2015
Hi guys,

I wanted to request a subtitle downloader for qnap (it doesn't exist yet)

Here is some guy that made a poor PKG but its a good start:

And here is the project located:
Not sure what to do after Qpython is installed.
There a subliminal executable in the bin folder but don't what to do with it.

Any help
corentin a dit:
Prblem solved !
Found what to do !
Please, for the benefit of other users, kindly report the steps you followed to solve the problem.

I suspect that you did something like that: ;)

[~] # opkg install pip
[~] # pip install subliminal
No problem :
- Installed QPython v3 (did not make it work with v2)
- launching subliminal with : #/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/QPython3/bin/subliminal (for some reason I have to write the complete path to subliminal)

I've added the following line to my crontab in order to run subliminal automatically at 00:05 every day :
5 0 * * * /share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/QPython3/bin/subliminal download -l en -s /share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Videos

Edited crontab with :
# vi /etc/config/crontab

And restarted crontab with :
# crontab /etc/config/crontab
# /etc/init.d/crond.sh restart

Hope that may help some fellow qnapers.