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8 Décembre 2013
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Voici le Changelog :
Version: 5.0-4482

Compatibility and Installation

After installing this version of DSM on DS214play, the device will shut down and then power on automatically after two minutes.
Change Log

Added the GeoIP* feature in Firewall settings, enabling you to allow or block IP addresses from certain countries.
Added an option to save files in UTF-8 (with BOM) format in Text Editor.
Fixed a security issue of Windows File Service to prevent remote attackers from obtaining access. (CVE-2013-4496)
Fixed several security issues related to cURL. (CVE-2014-0139, CVE-2014-0015, CVE-2013-6422)
Fixed an issue where CGI programs could not run on Personal websites.
Added feature to disconnect user connections to HTTP(S) services after a user's password is changed.
Improved the stability of iSCSI target service.
Improved the stability of file transfers via Apple File Protocol.
*This feature includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

Très axée sécurité cette nouvelle version...

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