Qnap [ AvMount ] [ 0.8.2 ] Mount UPnP AV Devices as FUSE Filesystem [ Beta ]


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2 Janvier 2014
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Source : https://github.com/avbox/avmount from Staging branch

Download : http://qnapclub.eu/index.php?act=detail&qpkg_id=422

x86 version : www.qoolbox.fr/AVMount_0.8.2_x86.qpkg.zip
x31version : www.qoolbox.fr/AVMount_0.8.2_arm-x31.qpkg.zip (not tested)
x41 version : www.qoolbox.fr/AVMount_0.8.2_arm-x41.qpkg.zip
x19 version : www.qoolbox.fr/AVMount_0.8.2_arm-x19.qpkg.zip (not tested)
x64 Version : Buggy

Notes :

mount automatically all Upnp Server within a share called MyAV

actually 64bit version is buggy, i need more time to debug it

About :

avmount is a UPnP AV client based on djmount. Originally created
by Rémi Turboult <r3mi@users.sourceforge.net> on 23/04/2005. It mounts as a
Linux filesystem (using FUSE) the media content of compatible UPnP AV devices
(see "Known Compatible Devices" paragraph below).

avmount discovers automatically all UPnP AV Media Servers on the network,
and make the content available in a directory tree. All shared files
(e.g. Audio or Video files) are directly visible and can be played using
your favorite media player.

avmount is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License (GNU GPL : see "COPYING" file)