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PHP Based administration tool for PostgreSQL. Blazing fast routing with Slim Framework 3 and solid abstraction layer in its core with AdoDB.

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This project is inspired in phppgadmin. Said project stalled a few years ago so we took it, refactored almost entirely and added:

Composer Installation and dependency management
PSR-2 Coding Standard (Will evolve to PSR-12 soon)
PSR-4 Autoloading
Removal of global variables (WIP)
Removal of superglobals in favour of PSR-7 Message interfaces (WIP)
Full PHP 7+ support
Usage of Dependency Injection compliant with PSR-11 Container interface
Support for PG 9.3+ features (Materialized Views, BRIN Indexes, etc)
Nice urls

---- QPKG Integration ---

config file to edit according your needs :

/opt/PgAdmin673/www/ (apache73)
/opt/PgAdmin674/www/ (apache74)


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