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par Toxic
the official one is working for me, and I do have a valid License
par Toxic
Have you tried their own qpkg? does it behave in the same way?
par Toxic
Only thing I can suggest is check you license with if it looks ok, then raise a support call with Twonky.
Problem while using the latest Twonky on my QNAP NAS.
Im using QNAP TS-251 with Firmware QTS 4.3.3 and Twonky 8.4.2 x64.
Bevor updating the QNAP Firmware to 4.3.3 i used Twonky since a long time (it runs perfect), now i must use this version an did buy the licence key.
Twonky runs, but when my NAS was rebooted my Twonky lost all settings.

Whats wrong?
What can i do to fix this Problem (other Version?).
Does Twonky 8.3 Working with Qnap firmware 4.3.3 as it currently does work with 4.3.2.

I installed this package on firmware 4.3.2 - TwonkyServerEU_8.3_x86_64.qpkg and it works fine.

Will I need to update the license to Twonly 8.4.2 if I update to firmware 4.3.3 from 4.3.2 ????
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