LaCie 5Big NAS PRO Boot issue with blank screen

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LaCie 5Big NAS PRO Boot issue with blank screen

Message par Miheddine » 16 juil. 2019 15:52

We have a NAS LaCie NAS 5big pro, suddenly we found it OFF, when we turned it ON, the front LED still blinking blue with nothing on Screen connected on VGA. Also it is not pingable through the network.
The light status as following:
- Front led is always blinking blue.
- The hard desk leds is blinking one after one (first hdd, then second, ... etc) and when all hdd are checked, no more lights at the hdd (but the frond led stays blinking).

Regarding to the data, we are not caring for it and the only thing that we need it is to make the Lacie 5Big up and running.
What could be the problem and how can we resolve it?
Is it boot problem? From where we can start to recover it?


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