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Omada Controller is a management software for TP-Link EAPs. With this software, you can centrally manage your EAPs, such as configure EAPs in batches and conduct real-time monitoring of EAPslocally or remotely through Omada Cloud service.

TP-Link Omada. Omada app is used for configuring and managing your Omada EAPs. You can change settings, monitor the network status and manage clients, all from the convenience of a smart phone or tablet. Standalone mode is designed for managing EAPs right away without having to spend time configuring a controller.

Centralized Software Controller

EAP Controller
Monitor and manage hundreds of EAPs in a single or multiple sites
Free cloud access to manage from anywhere, anytime
Configure and automatically synchronize unified wireless settings to all EAPs in the network
Free to use, no license fee or extra cost required
Secure Guest Network with Facebook Wi-Fi and SMS Authentication
Rate Limit and Load Balance ensure the network stability and efficiency
Access Control and Rogue AP Detection protect the network from threats


due to Java and mongodb and startup sequence implementation, the qpkg is long to start and stop ...

user guide : ... ontroller/


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bump to 4.3.5

Code : Tout sélectionner
Some new functions of the Controller require device firmware support, and the supporting firmware for routers and switches will be released soon.

Supported device models and firmware:
EAP110_V4 3.20.0 Build 20200525 Rel. 36899 and above
EAP115_V4 3.20.0 Build 20200525 Rel.36931 and above
EAP225_V3 2.20.0 Build 20200422 Rel. 70513 and above
EAP245_V3 2.20.0 Build 20200423 Rel. 36779 and above
EAP115-Wall_V1 1.20.0 Build 20200509 Rel. 63986 and above
EAP225-Wall_V2 1.20.0 Build 20200422 Rel. 70504 and above
EAP110-Outdoor_V3 3.20.0 Build 20200511 Rel. 33388 and above
EAP225-Outdoor_V1 1.20.0 Build 20200422 Rel. 70543 and above
EAP265 HD, EAP230-Wall, EAP235-Wall, EAP660 HD, EAP620 HD
TL_SG3428MP, TL_SG3428, SG3428X, TL_SG3428XMP, TL-SG3452P, TL-SG3452, 
TL-SG3210XHP-M2, TL-SG3210_V3, TL-SX3008F,
TL-SG2428P, TL-SL2428P_V4.2, TL-SG2210MP, TL-SG2210P_V3.20, TL-SG2218, 
TL-SG2008P, TL-SG2008
ER605, ER7206

New Feature/Enhancement:
1. Add daylight saving time function.
2. Portal supports multiple entries. Local user accounts and voucher codes support binding to different portal entries.
3. Add daily/weekly/monthly limit in Voucher/Local User traffic limit function.
4. Add rate limit templates for SSID and Client rate limit modules.
5. Cancel the site administrator's authority for global configuration, such as controller general and maintenance settings.
For Router:
6. Add IPv6 function.
7. Add L2TP/PPTP interface in the static routing and policy routing function.
8. Add Firewall-State timeout at Settings-Network Security.
9. Add Router Table, Dynamic DNS, VPN Status, Port Forwarding Status in the Insight list.
10. Add ISP Load card and VPNs card in the Dashboard.
For Switch:
11. Add layer-3 function for L2+ switches.
12. Add ethertype value for switch ACL.
13. Add Switch Status in the Insight list.
14. Optimize the configuration logic for Switch STP and loopback detection function.
15. Add PoE utilization card in the Dashboard.
16. Add switch S/N information at Devices-Details-Overview
For EAP:
17. Add AI-Roaming function.
18. Add RADIUS DM function in portal RADIUS authentication.
19. Add dynamic VLAN feature in RADIUS profile.
20. Add OFDMA switch button for AX EAP.

Bug Fixed:
1. Fixed the bug that the local user can still access the Internet after re-authenticating, though it has reached the upper traffic limit.
2. Fixed the bug that the PoE scheduler may not take effect.
3. Fixed the bug that the Omada Controller frequently prints roaming logs in the log list.
4. Fixed the bug that the settings of PAP and CHAP authentication mode are inverse in the Controller.
5. Fixed the bug that we may not be able to configure or disable the portal authentication (with general error occurs) sometimes.
6. Fixed the bug that we can¡¯t set VPN servers in different Controller sites in the meantime.
7. Fixed the bug that the SDN Controller does not support spaces character and Nordic script.
8. Fixed the bug that the Controller may not restore the backup file successfully if the backup file is too large (80MB or above).

1. Omada SDN Controller can configure and manage only certain devices with supported firmware. You need to make sure your device is compatible with Omada SDN Controller.
2. If you are using Omada Controller and plan to upgrade to this version, please follow the procedure of Omada Controller Upgrade Guide.
3. Once upgraded to this version of Omada Controller, you will be NOT able to downgrade to an earlier version. 
4. This version of the controller is applied to Omada APP of version 3.0.X or above.
5. Controller needs Java 8 and MongoDB 3.0-3.6 environment for running. 
6. Support 64-bit Linux operating system including Ubuntu 14.04/16.04/17.04/18.04, CentOS 6.x/7.x and Fedora 20 or above, Debian.
7. You may need to save the backup file and uninstall the old Omada Controller before installing this software. 

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