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Modérateur : QoolBox

Source :

Download :x86_64, arm64, arm-x41

Note :

Based on BitWarden_rs
use port 8000
disable all ADBlock on webrowser (or create rules)
prefix install : /opt/Bitwarden

Dependency : None

About :

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Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

Greetings to
dani-garcia :

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Hello Stephane

Before I start, thank you for your work on all the QNAP extensions!!!
Currently a big fan of Qapache and now not far away from trying Bitwarden.

On which Bitwarden server version is your QPKG based on?
Is there a possibility to test the install and then buy?

I have a QNAP TVS-671 with 16GB of RAM and QTS build 20190704

Then I have a few questions about how the QPKG is working:
- Is this a QPKG with integrated Docker or did you rebuild everything so that we have just the package?
- Which database is it using, I hope the internal MariaDB?
- Can I use my Lets Encrypt cert from my QNAP name?
- Can I use the Mobile and Desktop App?

I know those are a lot of questions, but before I install something I want to know what comes onto my system.
Thank you,
Hi Alain (as explain on qnap forum)

it is undockerised version, build against Rust... i am currently using sqlite as DB (for mysql/mariadb it require another version been compiled)
you can use letsencrypt and Caddy as well... I think mobile and desktop app are working as well...

you can find more info on the github, some of your questions are answered there

please give your NAS model ?
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