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Sorry, I just checked in the logs that I had errors because of the server URL configuration, it should have been deleted, or if it wasn't configured it fails. I removed and put back certain plugins and now it seems to work, jitsi and zoom, but also matterpoll after putting the server URL back (I used it in local mode before without problem). Well, then for now I don't see any more bugs in plugins. Thanks again. Best regards
Hello, it seems that some things do not work quite well, this time there are no logs because it is a UI failure looks or validation. In the admin account, when you try to view the plugins installed in marketplace plugins, the window goes blank and shows nothing. It's a layer above the program. And if you go to the URL where the value points, this comes out :
"message":"Missing Authentication Token"

In addition the File list plugin (mattermost-file-list - 0.9.0) does not work properly, it does not show where the files that have been attached are. I stopped Mattermost Premium and started it again without results. Would anything change restart the NAS? I can't do it right now.

Thank you, greetings.
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