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Hello, depuis la dernière upgrade de QTS, mon Bitwarden_rs SQL ne se lance plus :S

QNAP TVS-473 avec dernière version du firmware.

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/share/CACHEDEV4_DATA/.qpkg/BitWardenSQL/bitwarden_rs: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any clues?

updated to 19.0.1 is an internal update QPKG

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this version check if token.txt is available in $QPKG_ROOT
if not, it generates a token for admin access via openssl for each new install ( https://ip:8000/admin ) and do an export ADMIN_TOKEN for curent session (survive at reboot)
this token will be display in NAS event log and can be found in $QPKG_ROOT/token.txt (/opt/BitWardenSQL/tokens.txt)
updated to 1.21.0

renamed Bitwarden_rs to VaultWarden

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Add support for enabling auto-deletion of trash items after X days, disabled by default
Set TRASH_AUTO_DELETE_DAYS to a positive value to enable this functionality
You can also configure how often this process runs, using cron sintax with the variable TRASH_PURGE_SCHEDULE
Updates to the icon fetching, making it more reliable in detecting icon types
Updated admin page, improving version checks and SQLite backup feature

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