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Wing FTP Server v6.4.7 Released: 29/Dec/2020

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Fixed a bug - Fix the Year 2038 problem, can't change the modified time of a file to year 2038 or later.
Fixed a bug - Can't set the expiration date of an user to year 2038 or later.
Fixed a bug - Can't set the expiration date of a weblink (or upload link) to year 2038 or later.
Fixed a bug - HTTP/HTTPS session can't keep alive in some situation.
Added a domain option "HTTP/HTTPS session keep-alive". If you disable it, the HTTP session will expire after 10 minutes of browser inactivity.
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Wing FTP Server v6.4.8 Released: 15/Jan/2021

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Improvement - IE browser can't upload file because Windows removed Flash support since 12/Jan/2021, now use HTML Uploader instead of Flash Uploader.
Improvement - Added weblink search function under Weblink Manager interface.
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Wing FTP Server v6.4.9              Released: 16/Feb/2021
Improvement - Updated libssh to the latest version for improving SFTP server stability.
Improvement -  When changing the user password, the new password can't be the same as the previous one.
Improvement - Windows version may crash due to "stack overflow" exception, though such issue is very rare.
Improvement -  If upgrade from an old version with a large "audit_db" file, will skip creating the new database indexes.

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Wing FTP Server v6.5.0 Released: 18/Mar/2021
Added a feature - Added IP Whitelisting for allowing specific IPs to access server without any limitation.
Added a feature - Added a FTP command "SSCN" to support secure FXP (server to server) transfer.
Improvement - Added a "Comment" field for Domain/Server IP access rule.
Improvement - Updated the Help Manual for the web administrator.
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Wing FTP Server v6.5.1Released: 7/Apr/2021
Improvement - Now you can use server variables in the HTTP welcome message.
Improvement - Now supported full window Drag&Drop files in the web client.
Improvement - Added a few server variables: %mm, %ss, %UserName, %UserNote
Improvement - Updated libssh to the latest version.
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