Qnap [ Teeworlds Server ] [ 0.6.3 ] Teeworlds Server Hosting


Représentant QNAP

Source : https://www.teeworlds.com

x64 Version : http://www.positiv-it.fr/QNAP/APP/Teeworlds_Server_0.6.3_x86_64.qpkg.zip

Note :

Config file : /opt/Teeworlds_Server/tee.conf (information here : https://www.teeworlds.com/?page=docs&wiki=server_setup)

About :

Teeworlds is a free online multiplayer game, available for all major operating systems. Battle with up to 16 players in a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. You can even design your own maps!

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