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2 Janvier 2014
10 573

Source :http://nzbget.net/

Download : x86, x64, arm64, arm-x19, arm-x31, arm-x41

Note :

user : nzbget
pass : tegbzn6789
Dernière édition:
Update en 15.0

Par2CMDline updated
OpenSSL updated

 nzbget-15.0 - 19 May 2015

    improved application for Windows:
        added tray icon (near clock);
        left click on icon pauses/resumes download;
        right lick opens menu with important functions;
        console window can be shown/hidden via preferences (is hidden by default);
        new preference to automatically start the program after login;
        new preference to show browser on start;
        new preference to hide tray icon;
        menu commands to show important folders in windows explorer (destination, etc.);
        on first start the config file is now placed into subdirectory "NZBGet" inside standard AppData-directory;
        default destination and other directories are now placed in the AppData\NZBGet-directory instead of programs directory; this allows to install the program into "program files"-directory since the program does not write into the programs directory anymore;
        the program exe has an icon now;
        if the exe is started from windows explorer the program starts in application mode; if the exe is called from command prompt the program works in console mode; 
    created installer for Windows:
        the program is installed into "program files" by default;
        the working directory with all subdirectories is now placed into "AppData" directory;
        the batch files nzbget-start.bat and nzbget-recovery-mode.bat are not needed and not installed anymore;
        the installer supports automatic updates via web-interface (Settings - SYSTEM - Check for updates); 
    created installer for Linux:
        included are precompiled binaries for the most common CPU architectures: x86, ARM, MIPS and PowerPC;
        installer automatically detects CPU architecture of the system and installs an appropriate executable;
        configuration file is automatically preconfigured for immediate use;
        the installation on supported platforms has become as simple as: download, run installer, start installed nzbget;
        the installer supports automatic updates via web-interface (Settings - SYSTEM - Check for updates); 
    added support for password list file:
        new option "UnpackPassFile" to set the location of the file;
        during unpack the passwords are tried from the file until unpack succeeds or all passwords were tried;
        implemented different strategies for rar4 and rar5-archives taking into account the features of formats;
        for rar5-archives a wrong password is reported by unrar unambiguously and the program can immediately try other passwords from the password list;
        for rar4-archives and for 7z-archives it is not possible to differentiate between damaged archive and wrong password; for those archives if the first unpack attempt (without password) fails the program executes par-check (preferably quick par-check if enabled via option "ParQuick) before trying the passwords from the list;
        another optimization is that the password list is tried only when the first unpack attempt (without password) reports a password error or decryption errors; this saves unnecessary unpack attempts for damaged unencrypted archives; 
    options "UnrarCmd" and "SevenZipCmd" can include extra switches to pass to unrar/7-zip:
        This allows for easy passing of additional parameters without creating of proxy shell scripts; 
    improved news server connections handling:
        if a download of an article fails due to connection error the news server becomes temporary disabled (blocked) for several seconds (defined by option "RetryInterval");
        the download is then retried on another news server (of the same level) if available;
        if no other news servers (of the same level) exist the program will retry the same news server after its block interval expires;
        this increases failure tolerance when multiple news servers are used; 
    added on-demand queue sorting:
        one click on column title in web interface sorts the selected or all items;
        if the items were already sorted in that order they are sorted backwards; in other words the second click sorts in descending order;
        when sorting selected items they are also grouped together in a case there were holes between selected items;
        RPC-method "editqueue" has new command "GroupSort", parameter "Text" must be one of: "name", "priority", "category", "size", "left"; add character "+" or "-" to sort to explicitly define ascending or descending order (for example "name-"); if none of these characters is used the auto-mode is active: the items are sorted in ascending order first, if nothing changed - they are sorted again in descending order; 
    added restricted user and add-user:
        restricted user has access to most program functions but cannot see security related options (including usernames and passwords) and cannot save configuration;
        restricted user can be used with other programs and web-sites;
        add-user can only add new downloads via RPC-API and can be used with other programs or web-sites; 
    added per-nzb logging:
        each nzb now has its own individual log;
        messages printed during download or post-processing are saved;
        the messages can be retrieved later at any time;
        new button "Log" in the history details dialog;
        button "Log" in the download details dialog is now active during download too (not only during post-processing);
        the log contains all nzb-related messages except detail-messages and errors printed during retrieving of articles (they would produce way too many messages and are not that useful anyway);
        new option "NzbLog" to deactivate per-nzb logging if necessary;
        per-nzb logs are saved in the queue-directory (option "QueueDir");
        new RPC-method "loadlog" returns the previously saved messages for a given nzb-file;
        new field "MessageCount" is returned by RPC-methods "listgroups" and "history" and indicates if there are any messages saved for the item;
        parameter "NumberOfLogEntries" of RPC-method "listgroups" and the field "Log" returned by the method are now deprecated, use method "loadlog" instead;
        field "PostInfoText" returned by RPC-method "listgroups" is now automatically filled with the latest message printed by a pp-script eliminating the need to access deprecated field "Log"'; 
    new action "Mark as success" on history page and in history details dialog:
        items marked as success are considered successfully downloaded and processed, which is important for duplicate check;
        use this command if the download was repaired outside of NZBGet;
        new action "HistoryMarkSuccess" in RPC-method "editqueue";
        new subcommand "S" of command "-E H" (command line interface);
        new status "SUCCESS/MARK" can be returned by RPC-method "history"; 
    actions for history items can now be performed for multiple (selected) records:
        post-process again, download again, mark as success, mark as good, mark as bad;
        extended RPC-API method "editqueue": for history-records of type "URL" the action "HistoryRedownload" can now be used as synonym to "HistoryReturn" (makes it easier to redownload multiple items of different types (URL and NZB) with one API call). 
    options "ParIgnoreExt" and "ExtCleanupDisk" can now contain wildcard characters * and ?;
    added new option "ServerX.Retention" to define server retention time (days); files older than configured server retention time are not even tried on this server;
    added support for negative numeric values in rss filter (useful for fields "dupescore" and "priority");
    added subcommand "HA" to remote command "--list/-L" to list the whole history including hidden records;
    added optional parameters to remote command "--append/-A" allowing to pass duplicate key, duplicate mode and duplicate score; removed parameters "F" and "U" of command "--append/-A", which were used to set mode (file or URL), which is now detected automatically; the parameters are still supported for compatibility;
    name and category of history items can now be changed in web-interface; RPC-API method "editqueue" extended with new actions "HistorySetName" and "HistorySetCategory";
    improved timeout handling during establishing of connections;
    updated pp-script "EMail.py":
        using the new nzb-log feature;
        new option "SendMail" allows to choose if the e-mail should be send always or on failure only; 
    updated pp-script "Logger.py" to use the new nzb-log feature;
    improved cleanup (option ExtCleanupDisk):
        if download was successful with health 100% the cleanup is now performed even if par-check and unpack were not made; previously a successful par-check or unpack were required for cleanup;
        now the files are deleted in subdirectories too (recursively); 
    added a small button near feed name in the feed menu on downloads-page; a click on the button fetches the feed, whereas a click on the feed title shows feed's content (as before);
    improved detection of malformed nzb-files: nzbs which are valid xml-documents but without nzb content are now rejected with an appropriate error message;
    renamed option "CreateBrokenLog" to "BrokenLog"; the old option name is recognized and automatically converted when the configuration is saved in web-interface;
    improved the quality of speed throttling when a speed limit is active;
    added hidden webui setting "rowSelect" to select records by clicking on any part of the row, not just on the check mark; to activate it change the setting "rowSelect" in webui/index.js;
    when moving files to final destination the hidden files (with names starting with dot) are considered unimportant and no errors are printed if they cannot be moved; such files (.AppleDouble, .DS_Store, etc.) are usually used by services to hold metadata and can be safely ignored;
    option sets (such as news-servers, categories, etc.) can now be reordered using news buttons "move up" and "move down";
    added button "Test Connection" to make a news server connection test from web-interface;
    improved timeout handling when connecting to news servers which have multiple addresses;
    improved error handling when communicating with secure servers (do not trying to send quit-command if connection could not be established or was interrupted; this avoids unnecessary timeout);
    improved connection handling when fetching nzb-files and rss feeds; do not print warning "Content-Length is not submitted by server..." anymore;
    download speed in context menu of menubar icon is now shown in MB/s instead of KB/s (for speeds from 1 MB/s) (Mac OS X only);
    removed shell script "nzbgetd" which were used to control nzbget as a service; modern systems manage services in a diffreent way and do not require that old script anymore;
    updated info in about dialogs (Windows and Mac OSX);
    updated description of few options;
    changed defaults for few logging options;
    configuration file nzbget.conf is now also searched in the app-directory on all platforms (for easier installation);
    disabled unnecessary assert-statements in par2-module when building in release mode;
    disabled changing of compiler options during configuring in debug mode (--enable-debug); it conflicted with cross-compiling and did not allow to pass extra options via CXXFLAGS; required debug options must be passed via CXXFLAGS now (for example for gcc: CXXFLAGS=-g ./configure --enable-debug);
    improved support for update-scripts:
        all command line parameters used to launch nzbget are passed to the script in env vars NZBUP_CMDLINEX, where X is a parameter number starting with 0;
        if the path to update-script defined in package-info.json does not start with slash the path is considered being relative to application directory;
        new env var NZBUP_RUNMODE (DAEMON, SERVER) is passed to the script;
        fixed: env var NZBUP_PROCESSID had wrong value (ID of the parent process instead of the nzbget process); 
    fixed: command "make install" installed README from par2-subdirectory instead of main README;
    fixed: web-interface may fail to load on Firefox mobile;
    fixed: parsing of RPC-parameters passed via URL were sometimes incorrect;
    fixed: in JSON-RPC the request-id was not transfered back in the response as required by JSON-RPC specification;
    fixed possible crash when using remote command "-B dump" to print debug info;
    fixed: XML-RPC method "history" returned invalid xml when used with parameter "hidden=true" (JSON-RPC worked correct);
    fixed: remote command "nzbget -L H" may crash if the history contained URL-items with certain status;
    fixed: unlike to all other scripts the update-script should not be automatically terminated when the program quits;
    fixed: action "Split" may not work for bad nzb-files with missing segments; new Field "Progress" returned by RPC-method "listfiles" shows the download progress of the file taking missing articles into account;
    if the lock-file cannot be created or the lock could not be acquired an error message is printed to the log-file;
    fixed: update log shown during automatic update via web-interface may show duplicate messages or messages may clear out;
    fixed: lowercase hex digits were not correctly parsed in URLs passed to RPC-API method "append";
    suppress printing of memory leaks reports when the program terminates because of wrong command line switches (Windows debug mode only).
Hi Stéphane,

Does your version of NZBGet have python embedded like sickrage etc for the NZBGet py scripts? Or do I need to install python separately?


Je viens d'installer cette application et globalement elle fonctionne bien sauf qu'au démarrage elle se met en pause avec le message suivant:

Pausing all activities due to errors in configuration
nzbget.conf(1891): Category definition not complete for "Category4"
nzbget.conf(1887): Category definition not complete for "Category3"
nzbget.conf(1883): Category definition not complete for "Category2"

J'ai essayé de supprimer ces catégories où d'ailleurs j'ai rien mis (laissé par défaut) mais elles reviennent et même messages! :oops:

Une idée pour éviter ce problème car l'application se met donc en pause et il faut manuelle reprendre (après ça fonctionne correctement)

Oui bien sûr mais les catégories reviennent et les messages aussi, résultat application en pause... :oops:
Je n'arrive pas à mettre une copie d'écran mais dans "settings", il y a un menu à gauche:


Dans "categories" il y a les 4 catégories par défaut je pense que c'est cela qui bloque mais je ne sais pas quoi mettre (?) :oops:
Bon j'ai essayé mais toujours pareil même message d'erreurs au lancement et application en pause :evil:
et chez vous vous avez quoi dans catégories?
Bon finalement j'ai trouvé la solution que je laisse ici dans le cas où ça peut aider d'autres:

Il suffit de supprimer toutes les catégories créés par défaut et sauvegarder c'est tout! :D