Qnap [ Mozy Backup Agent ] [ ] Mozy Dell EMC Backup Agent Daemon (Unofficial Agent) [ Beta ]


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2 Janvier 2014
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Source : http://mozy.com

tuto : https://support.mozy.com/articles/en_US/Documentation/mozy-t-install-l-b

Download : https://www.qnapclub.eu/index.php?act=detail&qpkg_id=491

X64 version : https://www.qnapclub.eu/provider.php/qpkg_dwl/460691/Mozy_1.5.0.5093_x86_64.qpkg

Note [ Stay in Beta until i have confirmation it works smoothly ]

Command added to NAS $PATH
launch mozy-daemon on QPKG start
Log : /opt/Mozy/var/log
config file : /etc/mozybackup.conf symlinked to /opt/Mozy/etc/mozybackup.conf

Usage: mozyutil [Options] [Command [Command Args]]
  -h [ --help ]         produce help message
  -u [ --udspath ] arg  set socket path

Supported Commands
Type help <commandname> to learn more about each command
account           Display information about your Mozy account.
activate          Activate the software and specify an encryption key option.
addbackupdirs     Add directories to the list of directories that are backed up.
backupset         Access backup sets.
cd                Change the current Mozy online working directory.
clearbackupdirs   Remove all currently selected directories from being backed up.
codeset           Display or set the locale codeset.
continuous        Display or set the continuous backup mode state.
datashuttle       Back up to the data shuttle device instead of the cloud.
decrypt           Decrypt a compressed archive (tar file), a single encrypted file, or a folder of encrypted files you have already downloaded from Mozy
deviceidentity    Display identity information for the computer running the Mozy software.
download          Download (stream) and decrypt one or more backed up files from the Mozy cloud.
filecount         Display the number of backed up files.
history           Display history of recent backup sessions and individual file transfers.
info              Display version and other information about a file.
lastbackup        Display information about the most recent backup or most recent successful backup.
listbackupdirs    List the directories specified for backup.
ls                List the files in a Mozy online directory.
performance       Display or set the processor priority and I/O priority levels for backups.
pwd               Display the current Mozy online working directory.
queue             Display the list of files and directories currently being backed up or deleted.
quota             Display storage space usage information for your account.
removebackupdirs  Stop backing up specified directories.
restoreurl        Display a URL that can be used from a browser to access Mozy online and restore files.
scan              Compare local files selected for backup with files in the Mozy cloud and list any that are out of sync, including ones that are only in
                  one of the locations.
start             Start a manual backup.
state             Display information about the state of the Mozy software and its components.
stop              Stop the backup in progress if you are in manual backup mode.
throttle          Display, enable, disable, or set the maximum amount of network bandwidth that can be used.
unlink            Unlink the Mozy software on your computer from the Mozy cloud.
vars              List the Mozy software configuration variables and their values.

about :

Mozy was born in 2005 and has since grown into the world’s most trusted cloud backup service for consumers and businesses. More than 6 million individuals and 100,000 businesses back up their files to Mozy data centers globally.

Mozy is part of Dell. We're headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and have offices in Draper, Utah; London, England; Cork, Ireland; and Shanghai, China.

You shouldn't have to think about backup or sync.
Data protection should be set up once, and then work automatically.
Your files should be encrypted and stored in a secure, remote location that's only accessible to you—from anywhere.
Data protection should be smart.
Your data protection system should be smart enough to know what files to back up and when, saving valuable time and computer resources.
Your privacy is important.
With the Mozy Privacy Statement, you can be sure that we are taking security seriously and protecting your information.