Qnap [ Home Assistant ] [ 2023.1.6 ] Open-source home automation platform


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2 Janvier 2014
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Source : https://home-assistant.io

Download :

Apache 80 :
Apache 81 : https://www.myqnap.org/product/home-assistant/ (eol due python 3.9 dropped by HASS move to Apache82)
Apache 82 : https://www.myqnap.org/product/home-assistant-core-apache82/

About :

Home Assistant will track the state of all the devices in your home, so you don't have to.

Control all your devices from a single, mobile-friendly, interface.
Home Assistant allows you to control all your devices without storing any of your data in the cloud. We like to keep your privacy private.

Set up advanced rules to control devices and bring your home alive.

Do you want to …

have the lights turn on when the sun sets and you are home?
have the lights turn on when anyone comes home and it is dark?
dim the lights when you start watching a movie on your Chromecast?
receive a message when the lights turn on while you are not at home?


---- Dev info ---

listen on 8123
config / logs and DB = /opt/Home-Assistant/CONFIG_DIR
Dernière édition:
updated to 0.109.6 (automatic update do not work due some deps require a GNU gcc compiler

x86_64 version on repo, others will follow
wanted to install the x86_64 package, but i got an error: qts detected an unauthorized change in the app.
i also tried it manually.
would you please update the package to the latest version?

Thank you
please try again ... it something strange with firmware sometimes... but working after some tries

be sure to be at latest firmware on your NAS
Thank you for your work.
The last version is 0.115.2.

Repo version does not seem to work for my TS 469 Pro with 3 gb RAM.
It does not start.

Can you please update the package?

Thank you

Après plusieurs recherches , il semblerait qu'une version arm64 a existé. Ou est il possible de la télécharger.

Un petit tour sur google:

Why do I get a "404 Not Found" when I open a link?
This website requires you to run at least Home Assistant 2021.3 and have the "my" integration enabled.

Ca vient de leurs FAQ (https://my.home-assistant.io/faq/).
le QPKG s'auto update tout ... problème certaines dépendance Python3

je dois rebuild complètement ce QPKG du coup... je m'en occupe dés que possible
Ok, pas vraiment pressé, j'ai toujours pas reçu mes prises connectées pour faire des essais ;)
was a pain in a... to compile it but finally here is coming

new 2021.5.5 ... Apache80 required as dependency (to make it lighter )
new compilation from scratch inside python virtualenv

first install can be long depending processor / bandwidth to dowload latest modules

ARMV7 not yet available encounter some bugs

error message in Event log concerning Zero config can be ignored