Qnap [Firmware release] - QTS 4.2.1 Build 1226 official release


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2 Janvier 2014
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Dans un premier temps le 4.2.1 officiel sort pour les TS-x53A et TDS-16489U

dans le live update le 19 janvier

QTS 4.2.1 Build 1226

[Applicable Models]

- TS-x53A series and TDS-16489U

[New Feature]


- Added the Virtual Switch function to Network & Virtual Switch.

- Added the “Overview” page for Internet topology settings.

Network & Virtual Switch

- Both the Virtual Switch application and QTS firmware do not support downgrading.

- The system cannot slow down network speeds when using a 10GbE or 40GbE ethernet card or port trunking.


- Added Oauth 2.0 support for SMTP Gmail accounts (“Desktop” > “Options” > “E-mail Account”).

- Added Oauth 2.0 support for SMTP Gmail accounts (“Control Panel” > “Notification” > “E-mail”).

App Center

- Improved the user interface.

- Apps from third-party sources can now be imported in the App Center (“Settings” > “App Repository”).

Photo Station

- The aspect ratio of photo thumbnails can now be changed. (“Manage” > “Settings” > “Miscellaneous”).

- Added third-party domain name support for sharing links.

VPN Server

- The NAS can now be set as both a PPTP and OpenVPN VPN server and client.

VPN Client

- Support multiple PPTP and OpenVPN VPN connection.


Linux Station

- Added the ability to select volumes for app installation in the App Center.

- Added the ability to migrate Linux Station to another volume.

- At least 4GB RAM is required to install Standard Linux desktop system.  (please note that Linux Station and HD Station cannot be run at the same time).

- For TS-x53A series only

Proxy Server

- Added Proxy Server for cache and connection controls for Internet services in the App Center.



- Upgraded UnRAR to v5.3.3, Zip to v3.0, and Unzip to v6.0.

- Upgraded Netatalk to v3.0.8.

- Added GMT-3:00 Greenland Standard Time and Nuuk (Godthab) time zones (in "Control Panel" > "General Settings" > "Time").

File Station

- In File Station, remote connection default settings have changed from administrator only to administration group only.

- Only administrators can permanently delete files from File Station. Files deleted by other users will be moved to the Trash.


- OpenSSL has been updated to 1.0.0t/ 1.0.1q.



- Removed the DLNA Media Server option in Bonjour (“Control Panel” > “Service Discovery” > “Bonjour”).


Media Streaming Add-on

- When updating to QTS 4.2.1, the Media Streaming Add-on must be updated to version 421.0.1.0 (or newer) to work properly.

[Bug Fixes]

This release has corrected the following issues:


- Fixed an issue where the NAS would not accept a domain group's name if it contains special characters.

- Fixed an issue where email notifications would be disabled when using 2-step verification if there is no username & password set in the SMTP server.

- Fixed an issue where testing a RTRR job would fail when creating a job to backup files from local to remote via CIFS.

- Fixed an issue where the profile folder would have two IDs with the access right of 3000001 after the domain users setup profiles.

- Fixed an issue where after detaching a JBOD, its image in Storage Manager will remain in chassis view.

- Fixed an issue where after installing CloudLink and rebooting the NAS, the System Event Logs will display a "..file system is not clean.." message.

- Fixed an issue where the progress would be stuck at "0" when relaunching Storage Manager and entering "Storage Space" page when using Internet Explorer 11.

- Fixed an issue where after enabling advanced folder permissions in the Control Panel, File Station would show an error message in the right-panel Permission tab.

- Fixed an issue where File Station would show an error message when sharing files with more than one person and sending an email link via the NAS.

- Fixed an issue where the Expand Capacity button will be enabled before changing any drive in Storage Manager.

- Fixed an issue where an increasing amount of system RAM will be displayed while copying a large number of small files to the NAS.

- Fixed an issue where the unallocated size will change after taking snapshots, copying some files, then rebooting the NAS.

- Fixed an issue where the content of encrypted folders are not included in snapshots.

- Fixed an issue where the system will fail to create a snapshot replica job to a remote NAS when there is a special character ')' in the password.

- Fixed an issue where there is nothing shown in Background Tasks after Snapshot Replica is executed.

- Fixed an issue where the Media Library would occasionally show incomplete file information when changing the iTunes media folder to the NAS multimedia folder.

- Fixed an issue where the WebDAV connection would fail after the HTTPS port is changed to 443.

- Fixed an issue where the content page of songs would be cleared when uploading specific MP3 files.

- Fixed an issue where the AFP connection would be interrupted when connecting through an encrypted folder. 

- Fixed an issue where files would be incompletely moved when repeatedly moving files between a shared folder and an external folder in File Station.

Virtualization Station 2.1

- The button "Processing immediately after Apply" does not work after creating a restore job with instant bootup.

- The error message when accessing Virtualization Station from an iPad 4.

- Upgrading Virtualization Station will not modify the SSL certification.

- Allows logging into Virtualization Station when "Force secure connection (HTTPs) only" is enabled in General Settings.

- There is no VM backup timestamp for restoring remote backup jobs by clicking the "Restore" button.
sans vouloir faire mon ch..r,ca devrait pas aller dans la sertion firmware cette news ? :)
c'est pas que, mais j'ai bien failli la louper celle la !
la version du live update sera celle pour tous les NAS ou seulement les modèles plus haut ?
exact mais c'est plus une annonce pour l'instant...

ça ne sera que ce ces deux séries NAS pour le moment ;)

ne me demande pas pourquoi, je ne sais pas
Donc rien pour TS-253pro, d'ailleurs je n'ai rien vu dans le changelog des bugs remontés (comme novnc).. Bon j'attendrai avec impatience :)

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giopas a dit:
t'es pas le seul. :) On doit attendre que le tout soit un peu plus stable..

j'adore attendre (d'ailleurs je m’aperçois alors que j'attends beaucoup de choses :p )
j'ai réussi hier, une fois, mais je ne sais pas comment :lol: par contre par hdmi , ça marche nickel
panneau de configuration > réglages de base > forcer la connexion sécurisée uniquement

il faut désactiver ça pour avoir accès à linux station remote desktop par le navigateur :!: (j'arrive que comme ça à me connecter)

depuis la derniere mise a jour le ventilateur n arrete pas de monter a 1800tr/mn meme avec un systeme a 26 degre ? si je met en fixe ca ne marche pas il continu c est pareil chez vous ?

doit on redemarrer pour que les modifs soient prises en compte ?
Oulala il a un accent frenchie méchament puissant ! :lol:

Et du coté de let's encrypt, il va être intégré comme chez syno ou non ? :eek: