2-way sync... @Qoolbox how do YOU do it? :)


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4 Février 2017
After surfing around a lot on the qnap forum as well as here I havent found a suitable solution for real bidirectional / 2-way sync between a folder on the qnap and its pendant on an android device (or windows...).

Qnap support says "our devices cant do that" :)

The goal:
I want to keep special folders on my android devices (eg. /mydocuments) in sync with my NAS - and access them from my computer eg. via samba.

The "old" solution:
[Android] <-- App "Dropsync" --> [ Dropbox Account (i know...)] <-- Clouddrivesync App --> [NAS] <-- "SMB" --> [PC]

Well so I pulled up Qsync for this "new" solution:
[Android] <-- "App Qsync" --> [NAS] <-- "QsyncClient" --> [PC]

But this solution has several drawbacks:
1. It seems that I cannot access the Qsync Folder via Samba - but ok, there is the Windowsclient. So I have to store that data locally on the PC too, but who cares.
2. Qsync doesnt seem to do REAL 2-way sync: When I create a file on android, it ends up on the NAS as planned. but when I delete that file (either on android OR NAS) it does NOT delete the file on the other device. I found the switch "intelligent delete" but that doesnt seem to do that trick.

I started googling and found GoodSync, Syncrify, Unison etc.

Thats the point where I wanted to ask you folks - and especially Qoolbox *g*: What is your solution to keep your mobiles files in sync with your NAS?
As expected, you gave me exactly the right hint :) Syncthing is exactly what I was looking for - I am testing now all features :)